A 20th Century Oboe Recital - Alexei & Leonid Ogrintchoukcontrols
A Bassoon in Stockholm… - Donna Agrellcontrols
à la russe - Alexandre Kantorow plays music by Rachmaninov, Stravinsky & Tchaikovskycontrols
A Lute by Sixtus Rauwolf: French and German Baroque Music - Jakob Lindbergcontrols
A Noble and Melancholy Instrument - Alec Frank-Gemmill / Alasdair Beatsoncontrols
A Pleasing Melancholy: John Dowland's Lachrimæ Pavans and sundry sorrowful songs - Kirkby / Akerscontrols
A Summer's Day - Anne Sofie von Otter/Bengt Forsbergcontrols
A Tribute to Oscar Peterson - Andrew Littoncontrols
A Verlaine Songbook - Carolyn Sampson/Joseph Middletoncontrols
Aho: Chamber Symphonies Nos. 1-3 - John-Edward Kelly/Stefan Asbury/Jean-Jacques Kantorowcontrols
Aho: Ludus solemnis - Jan Lehtola et alcontrols
Aho: Oboe Concerto - Piet Van Bockstal/Martyn Brabbinscontrols
Aho: Organ Music 1 - Jan Lehtolacontrols
Aho: Saxophone Concerto, Quintet for Winds and Strings - Paulsson, Storgårdscontrols
Aho: Symphony No. 12 - John Storgårdscontrols
Aho: Symphony No. 15, Minea, Concerto for Double Basscontrols
Aho: Theremin Concerto, Horn Concerto - Carolina Eyck/Annu Salminen/John Storgårdscontrols
Aho: Works for Solo Piano - Sonja Fräkicontrols
Airs and Graces - Dan Laurin et alcontrols
American Spectrum - Branford Marsalis/Grant Llewellyncontrols
Anu Komsi - Coloraturacontrols
As Dreams - Grete Pedersencontrols
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos, Orchestral Suites - Masaaki Suzukicontrols
Bach: Cantatas Vol. 28 - Masaaki Suzukicontrols

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