Mahler: Symphonies 1 & 4 / Brahms: Symphony No. 1 - Levine

Mahler: Symphonies 1 & 4 / Brahms: Symphony No. 1 - Levine

Dutton  CDLX-7344 (2 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Mahler: Symphonies 1* & 4**
Brahms: Symphony No. 1

Judith Blegen** (soprano)
London Symphony Orchestra*
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
James Levine (conductor)

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Analogue recording
Comments (4)

Comment by Luketsu - November 4, 2017 (1 of 4)

Glad to see Dutton has re-released these Mahler recordings from the quadraphonic era, looks like a must-have purchase for every serious Mahlerian.

Comment by hiredfox - November 9, 2017 (2 of 4)

I have commented under the flag of Dutton's new Heldenleben release but the same theme applies here

Comment by William Hecht - November 9, 2017 (3 of 4)

I'm responding to John's thought here rather than the Heldenleben thread because I had all these recordings on CD-4 encoded RCA LPs but I never had the Heldenleben and don't even know whether it was an RCA CD-4 or a CBS SQ that Dutton has rescued from the ash heap. When they were new these Levine recordings enjoyed considerable critical acclaim, at least stateside. Whether the acclaim was engendered primarily by the performances or the then new quadraphonic sound I can't recall, but they've been gone from my shelves for at least 30 years so I'll probably plunk down my money as an exercise in nostalgia. Goodness knows they have to sound better than they did in the days of the CD-4 demodulator and Shibata stylus. Otherwise John I'm with you, my money goes toward the propagation of new repertoire and talent so that I do my little bit to keep great music alive and vital not off to the side in an aural museum.

Comment by Luketsu - November 9, 2017 (4 of 4)

Bill, I would like to hear how these (Mahler/Levine recordings) sound in quad? No reason to spend money for mediocrity.