Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 / Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 - Mravinsky

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 / Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 - Mravinsky

Praga Digitals Reminiscences  PRD/DSD 350 115

Mono Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10
Beethoven: Symphony No. 4

Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra
Yevgeny Mravinsky (conductor)

Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony is 50 minutes of tragedy, despair, terror, and violence and three minutes of triumph. Premiered in 1953, the best performance is still that conducted by Mravinsky. Yevgeny Mravinsky's June 3, 1955, performance with the Leningrad Philharmonic of Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 is just as great. Mravinsky was the best Soviet conductor and his passionate precision and intense interpretations were as valid
for Beethoven as they were for Shostakovich. His interpretations can be hard-driven and sharp-edged, but no one could object to the lucid strength and linear lyricism he brings to the work.

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Analogue recording
Comments (4)

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - August 20, 2016 (1 of 4)

Another DSD recording from Praga, which is, according to the back cover no more than a ‘SACD mastering from 1955 live broadcasted recordings’! Not even copied from the recordings itself, let alone using the master tapes. And why is it listed as Mono Hybrid, whatever it is? I can understand that some would be interested in Mravinsky and the Leningrad Phil, but aren’t we on a slippery slope away from Hi-res?.

Comment by hiredfox - August 25, 2016 (2 of 4)

Yes! Praga Digital seem to have abandoned completely their excellent series of new recordings mainly of chamber music and all we have left is this series of old radio recordings of very dubious pedigree being touted around as state of the art DSD. They are frankly not worth the candle, one wonders why they persist with the venture, surely they cannot be making money out of these discs?

Comment by Kveld-Úlfr - August 26, 2016 (3 of 4)

I, for one, do love their Svjatoslav Richter remasters series. Of course, this is old stuff being stretched out as much as possible onto DSD support, but their work of restoration is commendable and really enjoyable to listen to. Some performances of the past were grand and unsurpassed and I think there is no harm in resurrecting dead heroes for the pleasure of historical immersion.
Mercury did a pretty good job at that with the Living Presence SA-CD reissues, and so did RCA Red Label with the Living Stereo SA-CD reissues -- and many of them still thunder the speakers.

Just my point of view. Of course, I understand one prefers modern recordings.

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - August 26, 2016 (4 of 4)

Hi Kveld,
Indeed, there is no harm in resurrecting dead heroes and I don’t think anyone will question that. But my point is that this site is about the highest possible quality in music and sound. The sound of this one is really very, very crappy with a high distortion rate in the louder passages. SACD remastering by Mercury and RCA were at least based on high quality stereo master tapes. For reviving yesteryears heroes there are other labels who do the same without suggesting to be native DSD recordings.