Sibelius: Symphonies 1-7 - Järvi

Sibelius: Symphonies 1-7 - Järvi

Sony Classical (Japan)  SICC-19027/9 (3 discs)

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Sibelius: 7 Symphonies

Orchestre de Paris
Paavo Järvi (conductor)

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Comments (9)

Comment by Scott A. - September 25, 2018 (1 of 9)

I've always been a bit dismayed at how many of Paavo Jarvi's discs feature his photo on the cover and have often wished they'd use a painting or landscape photo, instead. Well, Paavo's mug isn't on this one, not on the front, at least, but the Eiffel Tower doesn't really seem like an especially a good choice for Sibelius!

Comment by William Hecht - September 25, 2018 (2 of 9)

OK this is just a personal pet peeve that probably doesn't bother others very much at all. We have complete sets by Kamu, Vanska, Rattle, Davis, and papa Neeme already in the catalog all in modern multichannel sound. Why in blazes is Sony wasting session time and artistic resources on a set featuring stereo only sound performed by an orchestra with no special reputation for this repertoire? Presumably because Paavo wanted this on his resume. For Pete's sake there's plenty of unrecorded (on sacd, that is) French repertoire to which the orchestra might bring something special, but no, they need to further duplicate stuff that's already well represented. Nuts!

Comment by Scott A. - October 6, 2018 (3 of 9)

Yep, Paavo seems to be building up a complete catalog of the standard rep, but, like his father, he's recording some less common stuff along the way, including the only symphonies by Martinu (#2) and Tubin (#5) on SACD, so far.

Comment by Bruce Zeisel - October 6, 2018 (4 of 9)

Well Bill, what really bugs me is that this is not a MCH recording in at least 2X DSD

Paavo has as I mentioned somewhere else here, progressed from a so-so conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony to an outstanding interpreter and conductor of many works. In 2016 I was kind of blown away by his Prokofiev Sym #5 in Verbier.

Comment by William Hecht - October 7, 2018 (5 of 9)

True, Scott, but the Martinu and Tubin are from the long ago Telarc days. There's been nothing comparable since the move to RCA/Sony. Too bad,too, the Telarc recordings of standard rep were pretty ordinary but the unusual couplings were a real bonus.

And Bruce I agree that Paavo is now a conductor of real stature. In a world where all the "major" labels have abandoned sacd except for the occasional Sony release I guess we should be glad he records for them, though it would be nice if their stuff was designed for more than domestic Japanese consumption. US prices are ridiculous for duplicative repertoire. And stereo only, absurd.

Comment by Scott A. - October 8, 2018 (6 of 9)

Don't forget the Rott symphony on RCA. That was a bit of a surprise. I guess big careers aren't made by recording esoteric material. On the other hand, at least they don't plaster the faces of Bamert, Yates or Sinaisky on the front of all their CD booklets.

Comment by William Hecht - October 8, 2018 (7 of 9)

Rbcd only. And with a couple of versions already in my collection I see no need to add it, and yes, there are some other adventurous things, but like the Rott they're all rbcd.

Comment by Contrapunctus - January 26, 2019 (8 of 9)

1. This album is also available as 24/96 download (e.g. prestomusic, qobuz) - for a fraction of the cost for the SACDs.
2. Has anyone already listened to this set?

(It's really a pity that HRAudio doesn't support downloads. There are lots of interesting recordings ONLY available as HR downloads. These 'hidden gems' are physically only released on RBCD. A striking and (in my opinion) brilliant example is the complete cycle of the 7 Bax symphonies with Vernon Handley (Chandos). The sonical difference between RBCD and HR download here is immense.)

Comment by Bruce Zeisel - February 6, 2019 (9 of 9)

Responding to contrapunctus:

Yes I would love to review high resolution downloads. But for them to do it right would entail an expenditure of 4 to 5 thousand US dollars per reviewer. Who wants to make the first dedicated donation toward that end ? I am guessing we need to get together about $20 K.