Albéniz: Suite española No. 1 - Frühbeck de Burgos

Albéniz: Suite española No. 1 - Frühbeck de Burgos

Stereo Sound  SSHRS-033/034

Stereo Single Layer

Classical - Orchestral

Albéniz: Suite española No. 1 (arr. Frühbeck de Burgos)

New Philharmonia
Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (conductor)

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Analogue recording
Comments (2)

Comment by Athenaeus - January 20, 2023 (1 of 2)

I don't have Analogue Productions' release, so I can't say which high-resolution version has the best sonics. Perhaps someone on this site has both and has compared them. In any case, this Stereo Sound SACD sounds great!

I've bought a couple Stereo Sound discs and I'm very satisfied with all of them. They are expensive but you can see this company puts a lot of care into their products. I like the way they put the DSD and PCM on separate discs. I also like the fact they just give you the original album, i.e. they don't try to cram as much music as they can onto a single disc even it means combining disparate recordings.

Comment by breydon_music - January 24, 2023 (2 of 2)

I heartily agree with all of your comments regarding the Stereo Sound SACD's - v expensive but, if you can afford them, well worth the outlay. I did have the AP version of this title. It was always one of my favourite Deccas on vinyl and of course the AP came out first. I would never have guessed we would get two! Based on my memory of the vinyl the SS is by far the superior of the two. I always found that the small set of Deccas which AP did were, by their standards, a tad disappointing. They all sounded rather over-analogue "plummy", rather reminiscent of a 60's radiogram, and not at all like the much sharper sound of the original Decca LP's. If you don't have it I would wholeheartedly recommend my favourite of all the SS SACD's, which is Accardo's Philips chamber version of the Rossini String Sonatas. Produced by Vittorio Negri (who also had a hand in preparing the scores for these performances) they sound "just right" and are gloriously recorded and remastered. Music from paradise!