Bruckner: Complete Symphonies, Vol. 3 - Jochum

Bruckner: Complete Symphonies, Vol. 3 - Jochum

Tower Universal Vintage  PROC-2296/8 (3 discs)

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Bruckner: Symphonies 7-9, Psalm 150*, Te Deum*^

Maria Stader*, soprano
Sieglinde Wagner^, alto
Ernst Haefliger^, tenor
Peter Lagger^, bass
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin*
Berliner Philharmoniker
Eugen Jochum, conductor

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Analogue recording
Comments (9)

Comment by Steven Harrison - November 4, 2020 (1 of 9)

Received Vol. 3 from CD Japan. Sound quality is the same high quality as the first two volumes as I hear it on the Ruby player.

Comment by Contrapunctus - November 4, 2020 (2 of 9)

I would just like to briefly mention the new remastering of the 7th Symphony. For orientation: In 2011 the 7th Symphony was remastered by EBS for the first time in high resolution - at that time entirely in DSD.

For this new edition, a new remastering was also carried out by EBS. Like all remasterings at EBS since 2015/2016, the remastering takes place in PCM 24/192, which is then converted to DSD for the (SHM-) SACD.

As far as I can tell, the differences are rather minor (the old 2011 remastering already sounded very good). If you listen carefully, however, the progress in technology becomes noticeable, as numerous tape defects have now been eliminated. As a result, the recording actually sounds a bit cleaner and quieter (less interference).

Comment by Athenaeus - November 6, 2020 (3 of 9)

Steven and Contrapunctus, you guys are fortunate to have your copies. When Tower Records announced this release in September, I pre-ordered it right away through Buyee. I was really looking forward to it. As soon as the set was available Buyee shipped it. However, I haven't received it yet. I should have got it about ten days ago. And here in Canada, for some reason, I can't track airmail parcels once they leave Japan. I'm afraid my discs got lost in the mail. Big disappointment. Buyee told me to wait a few more days and then I can file a claim. I expect they'll refund me and then I can place another order but still, what a long wait!

Contrapunctus, thank you again for your detailed reviews. This isn't a website where people post a lot of comments and you may sometimes wonder if anyone out there is reading. However, you can be sure your posts are much appreciated even if they don't always elicit feedback.

Comment by Tony Reif - November 12, 2020 (4 of 9)

Atheneus, it isn't unusual for airmail packages from Japan (i.e. untracked both in Japan and Canada) to take not weeks but months to be delivered in Canada. I doubt yours has been lost, it's just held up in a long queue to be presented to Canada Customs, and there's nothing to do but wait. I've looked into this in some detail with customer service for both Canada Post and CBSA. You should pay extra for your next order for Japan Post EMS (Express Post). In September I had 2 packages coming from Japan via EMS and it still took around a month, but that was partly due to a long wait to get on a plane. A late October order arrived in only a week or so, which is normal.

Comment by Athenaeus - November 12, 2020 (5 of 9)

I guess I've simply been lucky with Japan Post's airmail service in the past because it's always taken maximum ten days for my orders to arrive. I only had a problem once. It was this spring; the parcel had to wait several weeks for a plane. For my Bruckner order, I wrote to Buyee's customer service this week because I was hoping they might have access to some tracking information. I was very disappointed; I found they had a "can't be bothered" attitude. Most companies at least try to show they care and that they want to help (even if they can't really do much). Not Buyee apparently. But I'm glad you posted this comment, Tony, because I was considering reordering this set, since I had pretty much given up on ever receiving my parcel. Based on your experience, it seems it's wiser to wait.

Comment by Steven Harrison - November 13, 2020 (6 of 9)

Shipping out of Japan in these Covid times is totally different from past times. The only real reliable service now is DHL. For shipping to Australia, that is the only option as not even EMS is available. In the past I found EMS to be good to use, and fast. And for those who have that choice, it's the one to take. Untracked airmail, where available, will now take months, not weeks as it essentially becomes like SAL.

Comment by Contrapunctus - November 14, 2020 (7 of 9)

Regarding shipping out of Japan, I strongly second Steven's recommendation for DHL. Before the pandemic I was very satisfied with FedEx due to their rapid delivery. But I noticed a significant increase of their delivery time. So I tried DHL and was pleasantly surprised! My last recent orders (this month) from Japan with DHL reached me (Germany) within 2 (two) days! That's as fast as FedEx in 'pre-pandemic times'. Furthermore shipping with DHL is a bit cheaper than FedEx (JP-DE).

Comment by Athenaeus - November 16, 2020 (8 of 9)

My parcel finally arrived! Judging by the previous comments, it seems I wasn't being patient enough. But as I said, even with the pandemic, I only had a problem once this year with airmail from Japan. However, based on your comments I now know what the situation is really like.

Yes, I am familiar with DHL. That's how Amazon Japan always ship to Canada. And every time I'm also amazed how fast it is. But when I can choose, I don't usually go for DHL because they are expensive compared to airmail or EMS. These Japanese SACDs are already very expensive as it is, so I try to save a bit on shipping. However, I'll be ordering some discs from Tower Records this week and I guess I will have to go for DHL this time.

Comment by Tony Reif - November 17, 2020 (9 of 9)

Buyee has always provided me with the EMS tracking number - that's all they or any shipper can do. One advantage for Canadians of EMS over DHL or Fedex that hasn't been mentioned is that there are no customs clearance/duty/tax charges for orders valued under $200 (or maybe more). This is an unstated policy: Canada Customs just doesn't bother collecting, although by law I think they still could on any import valued over $20.