von Tilzer: Into Eternity - Adamova, Fridman, Hesselink, Thiele, Belinfante Quartet

von Tilzer: Into Eternity - Adamova, Fridman, Hesselink, Thiele, Belinfante Quartet

trptk  TTK0104

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Chamber

Works by von Tilzer

Marion von Tilzer (piano)
Bella Adamova (contralto)
Jacobus Thiele (percussion)
Maya Fridman (cello)
Michael Hesselink (clarinet)
Belinfante Quartet

At the heart of this album is a musical triptych inspired by a letter written by Vilma Grunwald saying goodbye to her husband just moments before she and her son John were killed in the Auschwitz gas chamber.

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DSD recording
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Comment by Marcus DiBenedetto - May 9, 2023 (1 of 1)

Sometimes I must break free from my traditional music library and purchase an album that's new. I was not prepared for the emotional impact of this music. The album was composed by Marion von Tilzer based on a farewell letter from Vilma Grunwald to her husband just before Vilma's death in Auschwitz (11 July 1944). Joost Galema, NRC, writes: "From the dark turmoil of the opening movement, Von Tilzer allows the sung letter to rise slowly — with soft strings and the heartbeat of the piano — from the muck of Auschwitz. And in the final movement, she recaptures innocence from hatred and evil through the simplicity of a lullaby, a beautiful dialogue between alto Bella Adamova and Maya Fridman's drifting cello." There is a studio recording of track 2, "The Letter of Vilma Grunwald", on YouTube:

The album is available in SACD and download. It was recorded December, 2022, at Galaxy Studios, Mol (BE) in DSD 256 and released 4/28/2023. I purchased the DXD 352.8/32 surround version. Recording/mastering engineer, Brendon Heinst, has created a remarkable sonic masterpiece. Instruments are clear and distinct providing a broad and deep soundstage. Dynamic range is very wide. The vocals are captured with fullness and depth. The whole ensemble comes together to create a tremendous emotional impact leaving me teary eyed. TRPTK says the genre is classical. I say it's much more. If you're familiar with Intercontinental Ensemble or Aeon Trio's music, there is some of that here. Maya Fridman does her usual spectacular cello playing with indeed her signature "drifting cello". It adds a spiritual moment to the music.

I highly recommend this album.

Marcus DiBenedetto
Las Vegas, NV