Bill Evans: Trio '64

Bill Evans: Trio '64

Universal (Japan)  UCGQ-9036

Stereo Single Layer


Bill Evans

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Analogue recording
Comments (5)

Comment by Steven Harrison - August 9, 2023 (1 of 5)

I have just had this disc come in. It was a mid June release and sold out quickly at CD Japan, so I had to get it on Ebay, luckily for not much more than the CD Japan cost. Then when I got it I noticed that the OBI showed "Verve Acoustic Sounds Series" on the front label. Some research found that this is an LP reissue series from AP, and it began in 2020 with 40 releases listed. These were LP issues only and no sacd's.
However, it now seems that Universal Japan has decided to release at least some of these as single layer SHM sacds. They have released 4 in June and July, with 4 more announced this month and in September. Some of these issues have been previously released and some are totally new sacd releases. The Bill Evans releases seem very popular and sell out quickly, so it pays to order pre-release.
The AP page for this series notes that Sterling Sounds has done the remastering for this series. My experience has been that any sacd remastered by Sterling Sounds is superb. And Trio '64 is no exception.
However, there is nothing on the listing on the disc packaging of who did anything for the remastering, etc.
There is also a rather large thread on the Hoffman Forum about this series, though all posts I looked at were about the LP releases.

Comment by analogue - August 10, 2023 (2 of 5)

This is an Shm Sacd that I have owned for at least 8 years now, This has been reissued again and is now the second such version that exists. It seems that since the previous Evans shm sacds have long since sold out....that there will be buyers for the discs. Cant go wrong with any Evans release. Cheers. Analogue.

Comment by Mark Werlin - August 11, 2023 (3 of 5)

[EDIT] Steven, thanks for confirming that this Universal Japan (UCGQ-9036) SHM-SACD is in mono.

Comment by Steven Harrison - August 11, 2023 (4 of 5)

This new release is MONO.

It can be noted that this particular release sold out at CD Japan, and at the Universal Japan site, within just a few days of release.
I found that the July release in this series, Bill Evans at Town Hall, had only limited copies available at CD Japan. So best to order as a pre-order.
There are always copies available from Japanese Ebay sellers too, but with variable prices.

Comment by Steven Harrison - August 18, 2023 (5 of 5)

FWIW, Universal is releasing Trio '65 in late September, in the September installment of these Verve Acoustic Sounds sacd releases. It likely will sell out at CD Japan before release. It is not yet listed on site here either. So if you have any interest in the disc, best to order now, or pay the Ebay sellers a bit extra after release.