Nørgård: Symphony No. 8 - Storgårds

Nørgård: Symphony No. 8 - Storgårds

BIS  BIS-2502

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Nørgård: Symphony No. 8, Nocturnal Movements*

Peter Herresthal* (violin)
Jakob Kullberg* (cello)
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
John Storgårds (conductor)

Celebrating his 90th birthday in 2022, Per Nørgård is undoubtedly one of the most important Danish composers since Nielsen. His important production that covers all genres is a highly personal travel document based on his endless incursions through the sonic labyrinths of this world.

Based on material from Nørgård’s viola concerto from 1986, Three Nocturnal Movements for violin, cello and orchestra came about on the initiative of the violinist Peter Herresthal and the cellist Jakob Kullberg, two of his long-term collaborators. The work was creatively developed for two soloists by Kullberg, who decided on the form of the movement after making a selection of musical fragments described as ‘nocturnal’.

Dedicated to the conductor John Storgårds, Symphony No. 8 appears bright, transparent while its atmosphere is somewhat mysterious and filled with tension. This symphony, his most recent work in this genre, can be compared to latter works from other Nordic composers like Sibelius and Nielsen. Finally, Lysning, a short piece for string orchestra, has been described by Nørgård as a ‘glade’ and is made of an alternance of darker and brighter variations of the same musical ideas heard in different instrumental colourings and nuances.

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Comments (6)

Comment by Athenaeus - September 15, 2023 (1 of 6)

Since all comments have to go under a specific release, I will use this one, which seems to be the most recent BIS disc on this site.

In case you didn't already know, Apple recently acquired BIS. Yes, the same folks who make Macs and iPhones! I'm not sure what this means for the future of this wonderful label. Will they continue to offer original repertoire and encourage lesser-known ensembles? Will they continue issuing SACDs? Will they strive to keep their catalogue in print? Who knows?

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - September 17, 2023 (2 of 6)

I did not know. Bissie kept quiet about it. Thanks for the info Athenaeus. It ties in with what I see happening. BIS have been selling out lately, Channel Classics sold, Native DSD accepting lower res qualities, Challenge producing fewer SACDs. Myrios out, and whatnot. Time to buy the best quality Wi-Fi earbuds? Or am I too pessimistic?

Comment by Athenaeus - September 17, 2023 (3 of 6)

Let me offer my predictions about the future of the business...

Facebook will buy Chandos and transfer all their catalogue to the Metaverse.

Google will buy Ondine and use this label to market AI-generated classical "songs".

Elon Musk will buy Alia Vox, rename the label "A", completely wreck the company and then blame the mess on somebody else.

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - September 18, 2023 (4 of 6)

News item IMusician:

Swedish Classical Music Label BIS Records has been acquired by Apple to establish a stronger presence of the genre within the music industry. The label’s founder, Robert von Bahr, is looking positively towards a future “filled with new music and artists in golden sound from this increased force in classical music.”
BIS Records now belongs to Apple

It has been announced that Apple has acquired the classical music label BIS Records. Its founder, Robert von Bahr (80), announced the acquisition in an official letter shortly after the label’s 50th anniversary.

The decision reflects his commitment to creating a future where technology and classical music can coexist in harmony. He explains that the team thought “long and hard on how to maintain and build upon our prestigious history and looked for a partner who would further our mission, as well as an increased global platform to bring classical music to new audiences all over the world.”

He also praised Apple Music for its continuous investments in classical music: “There have been numerous moves of late by Apple to further support creativity within the classical space, not the least of which was the release of Apple Music Classical earlier this year.”

Apple Music Classical is a music streaming app that allows users to find recordings, enjoy high-quality classical music thanks to its Spatial Audio technology, explore playlists, learn about the artists behind the music, and much more. The app is home to the world’s largest classical music catalog (5 million tracks) and is considered a valuable asset for listeners and classical musicians alike.

The label’s founder hopes that the acquisition will allow for a future “filled with new music and artists in golden sound from this increased force in classical music.”

Who's next?

Comment by k-spin - Yesterday 02:30 am (5 of 6)

Is that the end of physical releases from BIS then?

Their website is currently just displaying a letter from Robert regarding the sale. There are a few links to "featured releases" along the bottom but these just route to streaming/purchase links rather than a proper product page. Any links I had to specific product pages now just re-direct to the front page and Robert's letter.

Maybe time to pick up the remaining BIS releases in my wish list...

Comment by Jan Arell - Today 02:43 am (6 of 6)

I copy what I wrote two weeks ago in a comment to another record:

I just randomly picked a recent Bis recording.
What are your reactions to Apple's acquisition of Bis Records?
I think it will work out fine for everyone involved, including us listeners.
Apple gets a prestige label for not that much money.
Bis gets continued releases of their often adventurous catalogue. Perhaps they may reach a much larger public as well.

As an avid Bis fan, I'm happy that Bis is taken over by a company that have moved the boundaries for good sound quality within the hemisphere that Apple works at. I do hope that Eclassical will be kept as it is. Spatial Audio is quite ok for earphones but for my main speakers, nothing compares to hi rez downloads från Eclassical (and others, of course).