10cc: The Original Soundtrack

10cc: The Original Soundtrack

Universal (Japan)  UIGY-9611

Stereo Single Layer



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Review by Rick Kosmick - November 19, 2014

Although "The Original Soundtrack" was originally released in 1975, it was a recording made with excellent production values. The album was so well recorded that it made an ideal candidate for SACD. The result is nothing short of phenomenal for this Japanese SHM SACD release that indicates in the liner notes a DSD transferred analogue master tape was used.

First off, what an amazing soundstage..... so expansive with great depth that fills the room in a glorious ambience that cannot be understated. The sensation of immersion is truly engulfing for Stereo sonics that gives you the perception of surround sound. You have everything you can hope for in higher resolution audio..... detail, clarity, crispness, richness, etc. There is no sense of compression and the dynamics are so good it seems otherworldly with a very warm analogue sound. The sound is unequivocally spectacular.

"The Original Soundtrack" is a classic album full of these wonderfully recorded songs. "I'm Not In Love" and "Brand New Day" sound just absolutely gorgeous on this SHM SACD version. The catchy nature and parody of "Life Is A Minestrone" sounds great audio-wise but, unfortunately, the song constantly pops into my mind (try having a song bounce around your head for 40 years..... I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this tune).

I must state this album has always been a personal favourite and rates near the top of my pop/rock high resolution recordings. This version is so incredible, in my opinion, that it is THE reference disc for SACD Stereo in my collection.

Bottom line: the VERY Highest Recommendation possible.

On another note, I do have a wish list. The original high standards of the recording process for "The Original Soundtrack" and the excellent quality of the original master tapes (based on the sonic results of the SHM SACD) would seem to make it an ideal candidate for a 5.1 mix. This album remixed for surround sound in the hands of say a Elliot Scheiner or Bob Clearmountain or Steven Wilson would be a great listening experience. Perhaps, it will happen some day in the future.

On still another note, I have had this SHM SACD since it's release in 2010 and it has been Out of Print for some time. Fortunately, Universal Japan will be releasing a limited second pressing of this SACD version of "The Original Soundtrack" scheduled for November 26, 2014.

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Previously released as UIGY-9033