Bolcom, Foss, Gandolfi, Golijov - Boston Symphony Chamber Players

Bolcom, Foss, Gandolfi, Golijov - Boston Symphony Chamber Players

BSO Classics  BSO Classics 1005

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid


Lukas Foss: For Aaron, Michael Gandolfi: Plain Song, Fantastic Dances, William Bolcom: Serenata Notturna, Osvaldo Golijov: Lullaby and Doina

Boston Symphony Chamber Players

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DSD recording
Comments (7)

Comment by Donald Cramer - January 11, 2022 (1 of 7)

I just love this disc. The BSCP has always been one of my favorite chamber music ensembles. The pieces recorded here maintain one's interest and attention throughout, and are just plain fun to listen to. The superb sonics only add to the experience. Highly recommended along with the rest of the BSCP catalogue.

Comment by hiredfox - January 16, 2022 (2 of 7)

Those were the days.

Comment by Donald Cramer - January 21, 2022 (3 of 7)


Comment by Adrian Quanjer - January 25, 2022 (4 of 7)

Can anyone confirm that this is indeed a physical SACD? There is no logo and Amazon says CD (as usual) but before ordering I'd like to be sure.

Comment by breydon_music - January 25, 2022 (5 of 7)

Adrian, it certainly was - but it is now so common for companies to repress as a standard CD without changing the barcode or catalogue number, who knows? I note that JPC also describe it as a CD and they are usually fairly sharp on these things. Here's a thought for you - the dearest used seller on Amazon UK right now looks to be a small-ish, possibly non-business, seller (low feedback score) so you could try writing to them and asking them to examine the disc for you for signs of the SACD logo, and then buy from them if the news is good. Otherwise, save it as a search on e-Bay and wait for a used copy that confirms itself as a SACD. I hope this helps - it's nice to think I may have helped you for once!!

Comment by breydon_music - January 25, 2022 (6 of 7)

Further to the above, I have now found my copy (!!) and can tell you that the SACD logo is at the bottom of the back outside cover and on the disc label itself. The barcode and catalogue numbers are identical with the current (presumable RBCD) issue, so buying a new copy would seem to be a fruitless activity.

Comment by Donald Cramer - January 26, 2022 (7 of 7)

I can also confirm the presence of the SACD logo on the disc and back label. FWIW, another extremely enjoyable release in this series appears to still be available as SACD on Amazon, although there is no photo of the back cover Profanes et Sacrées - Boston Symphony Chamber Players.